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4 Things to Look for in a NYC Marina

There are marinas all over the world, and there are marinas all over the NYC area. Finding the right marina is not easy, but here are 4 things to look for in a NYC marina:

1. Safe Location of a NYC Marina

The NYC marina that you choose should be in a safe location. Boats get broken into and theft occurs frequently, and avoiding keeping your boat in an unsafe marina can remedy this problem. Obviously theft can occur anywhere, but keeping your boat in a marina that is in an unsafe area or a high crime-rate area will typically leave you worse off that if your boat was in a low crime-rate safer area. There are always exceptions, but knowing the area that your boat will be in is very important.

2. Amenities of a NYC Marina

Amenities can range between a wide variety of things, and this is why you need to consider what your NYC marina will offer you that sets them apart. Not all marinas have transient slips, not all marinas have boat storage, not all marinas have fuel docks, and so on. Knowing what you need and comparing it to what is offered is very important when looking for a good marina. Make sure that you evaluate your marina’s offerings before you decide they are the ones you want to go with.

3. Prices of a NYC Marina

What kind of pricing structure does your marina have? Do they have flat rates or do they have package deals? Do you get a discount on fuel if you are a member? Is a boat slip expensive compared to another? These are all questions that you should ask when you try to find out what the pricing structure is for your NYC marina. Some marinas may have better offerings that others, and you will of course find those that are overpriced. If one marina is more expensive than another, do not assume they are overpriced before looking into what sets them apart from their competitors. Weigh out all of the prices between the marinas your are looking at and see what is worth the price.

4. Age and Structure

One thing that gets overlooked frequently is the age and structure of a NYC marina. Some marinas have been here over 100 years whereas others have been here 10 years. Knowing the history and age of your marina can help you decide if they are right for you. There will be much more feedback about older marinas than newer ones. The problem with the structure of a marina in association with its age is that the docks may be very old. Make sure that the structure of the marina and its docks are adequate compared to others, because you do not want to risk docking your boat at a marina that has sketchy wood and docks that lack integrity in the face of a storm. Make sure that the age and structure of your marina are right for you.