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An Overview of the Benefit of a Jersey City Dock House for Transient Boaters

Water based activities such as boating, have long been a fixture in the American lifestyle, with some 68.9 million American participating in boating annually. Due to the popularity of sailing and cruising in the Jersey City region in particular, there has consequently been a growing requirement for facilities such as boatyards, yacht clubs and marinas. The marina in particular has become a fixture along the Jersey City coast over the last 50 years.

A marina, as with any such facility, is generally composed of specific components which make it recognized as ‘a marina’. Some such components regarding larger marinas are: vessel storage, such as wet slips and dry boatyard or indoor storage; a refueling station; a parts and services center of some kind; facilities such as showers and toilets; a restaurant; and a dock house. The most important of these features for transient boaters in the region however, are vessel storage and the dock house.

The Role of a Jersey City Dock House Regarding Transient Boaters

The Jersey City dock house is basically the main center of a marina, housing dock staff such as the dock master and providing patrons with numerous different services. The main responsibilities of the dock house at most large marinas geared toward transient boaters are:

The role of the dock house as a contact point for transient patrons is extremely important, as it allows boaters to contact the marina in advance for slip rental prices and reservations. Once the boaters have arrived at the marina however, the services that the dock house offers are even more important.

Transient patrons arriving at a marina are generally unfamiliar with, not only the establishment, but the local area in general. This has resulted in dock houses at numerous larger marinas incorporating something of a concierge operation into the list of services that they offer.

Other services offered by the dock house such as providing fresh water, fuel and a parts and services center are less specialized however, just as practical for transient vessels. Over 150 private recreational vessels in the United States undertake a voyage known as ‘The Great Loop’ every year. This is a journey of approximately 5000 miles around the East Coast of the United State which finishes in New Jersey. Many of these vessels are thought to then go on to visit New York Bay, with many of the watercraft undoubtedly needing attention after the great distances traveled.

It can consequently be noted that the Jersey City dock house is an integral component of the marinas in this region, without which the establishments could not efficiently function. The dock house provides not only much needed services to patrons, but also a connection and communication between the marina and the clientele. This communication consequently allows the marina to better cater to transient boaters.