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Jersey City Dock House: Keeping Marinas Afloat

Recreational boating in the United States, especially in the Jersey City area has been steadily increasing in popularity since the early 19th century. At the current time, approximately 170,000 vessels are said to be registered in the states of New York and New Jersey, with a great number of them flocking to the popular Hudson River, as well as the marine areas surrounding New York City and Long Island.

The increased boat traffic in these areas has meant that, numerous boatyards, yacht clubs and marinas have sprung up along the New York and New Jersey coasts attempting to cater to the various needs of boaters, and their vessels. The Jersey City region is one area that is frequented by scores of vessels annually. Marinas can consequently be found scattered haphazardly along the coast in this region.

Jersey City marinas due to their prime location are highly utilized by boaters regarding vessel storage, with many specialized establishments having a waiting list for services such as wet slips or dry storage. One of the components of a marina that is often overlooked by patrons however, in preference of luxury such as restaurants and pools, is the dock house.

The Importance of the Jersey City Dock House

The Jersey City dock house, although usually completely unnoticed, offers many of the services that keep a marina in business. Some of the main responsibilities of a dock house are:

One of the Jersey City dock house services that is generally of interest to patrons that have their vessel seasonally or annually stored at a marina, is the fact that they can utilize the dock house as a contact point. This allows regulars to vent any concerns that they may have regarding their vessel or the establishment, or to offer up constructive comments regarding the operation of the marina, or the docks in particular.

Another important feature of the Jersey City dock house for regular marina users is the fact that, at many marinas, it also houses the dock master. The dock master is basically the person responsible for overseeing the operation of the docks, including all vessels docking and departing the marina. The dock master consequently makes decisions regarding where a vessel is docked, and how close it is docked to other watercraft, which may in turn affect regular patrons. Any upkeep and repairs of the docks also fall under the dock masters’ jurisdiction.

On top of the dock houses’ administrative and maintenance duties, the conveniences that are offered to vessel owners can also not be ignored. The presence of freshwater and fuel right at the docks, as well as boating and (usually) fishing supplies, allows regulars to purchase everything that they require for a trip directly at the docks.

The general importance of the Jersey City dock house can consequently not be argued. The many services that this component of the marina provides to patrons, allows for the smooth operation of the establishment which keeps regular patrons satisfied, and causes transient vessels to want to return. In short, it could be said that dock houses keep marinas afloat.