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Jersey City Marina – Choosing between Wet and Dry Storage

Jersey City Marina

Boats, apart from being a conventional means of transport, can also offer quality pleasure time. One of the main advantages of owning a boat is to explore those areas on the coast or lakes that are practically impossible for those without vessels. This can give you the enjoyment of swimming in waters that are less crowded or fishing in distant areas. Since boats are precious assets, their safe storage is of immense importance.

Small boats, because of their size, are easier to store. They can be loaded in a trailer and taken to any desired location. This also gives the boat owner the advantage to sail in different lakes. However, in case of larger boats, there is much to consider. Owners can choose from two options when deciding on a wet or dry Jersey City marina storage house.

Jersey City Marina – Wet Storage

This type of storage has its own benefits, and can be an ideal solution for most owners. Wet storages in Jersey City marina enable you to get in the water instantly. Also, most wet storages offer facilities for charging your boat’s battery when not in use. On the flip side, most storages of this type do not provide enclosed storage for larger vessels. However, there are some that offer this service for smaller boats. Too much exposure to the sun and other elements of nature could possibly damage of the exposed parts of the boat.

Dry Boat Storage

Dry boat storage solutions have their own advantages, and in some cases are more helpful than the wet storage. Vessels here are stored in enclosed areas and in totally dry state, thus making a very convenient and safe way of storing your boat. Keeping the boat away from extreme exposure to the sun can help retain the paint finish of the boat.

Choosing a Jersey City marina dry storage also implies that the boat needs to be hauled off the water each time you take it to the storage. Fortunately, dry storage companies now offer this service saving you the trouble of finding it on your own. However, considering the size of the storage facility, it is sometimes very difficult to store a large boat in the facilities. Smaller boats can be hauled and stacked relatively easily, but boats with large masts need a very large amount of space.

Dry storage is also the best option to choose if you are looking to work on your boat while it is stacked. However, you must check with the marina storage to see if they allow these services, since many insurance companies do not cover them. Nevertheless, if you are allowed do a thorough inspection of the boat for any minor damages. Working on some parts of the boat is relatively easier when the boat is not in the water.