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Jersey City Marina – Good Winter Storing Means an Awesome Spring Boating Experience

Jersey City Marina – Boat Storage

Winters can be slightly gloomy when we need to relocate the boats for the season. However, before you do so, you must ensure that everything required has been done to make your possession stored safely. Finding a good winter storage for your boat in Jersey City marina will ensure that a great spring boating experience!

The length of your boat plays a critical role in determining the storage facility. For fishing boats that lie in the range of 12-15 feet, storage is simple. If you have one of these, you can even store this in your garage! However, commercial storage facilities offer professional services for keeping your boat safe, and thus are the best bet. Additionally, storage facilities for small fishing boats in Jersey City marina are largely available.

Storage in winter can become an issue if your boat is large. Generally, storage units for vessels larger than 25 feet in length are more challenging to find. And since these boats require a comparatively greater amount of care, finding the right storage place becomes all the more important.

Jersey City marina has local boat dealers that offer storage units for big and small boats. Contact a local dealer for suggestions and prices of these storage units. Some local boat dealers also offer storage unit facilities if you purchase your boat directly from them. Small boats are usually stacked up together in large units in one large storage unit. Though this is good during winter, you might have to contact your storage dealer well before you want your boat out in the spring. Generally, the boats are delivered on a first come first served basis.

Jersey City Marina – Winterization

Protecting all parts of your boat before putting it in storage for winter is very important. Make proper arrangements for the protection of your boat's engine from very cold temperatures, since engines may crack in freezing temperatures. These can result in large repair expenses before you can take out your boat on water the next spring!

Now, most storage facilities are artificially climate controlled, and this may not be much of an issue. Large marinas also have power back-ups in case of power interruption. However, proper winterization will further protect your asset. Before having it stored, take it to your local marina dealer. The charges may vary depending on the size of your boat. The number of engines in your boat should also be considered. Also, look for facilities that are clean. Mice can be a problem in very large facilities, and not much can be done to protect the boats when they are locked away in winter.

And since there is no absolute solution to the problem, the safest choice is to go for neat units. Also, make sure your insurance is in order before you stack your boat. Check with the dealer of your storage unit for the protection that they offer to your vessel when it is stored away.