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Jersey City Marina – New Jersey Prepares for Boat Show in February 2012

Residents of Edison are all set to host the New Jersey Boat Sale and Expo to be held this year. The event, starting from February 23rd, will be a 4-day event and will go on till February 26th, 2012. Organized by the Marine Trades of New Jersey, the expo will feature boats at the NJ Convention and Exposition Center, Raritan Center.

A recent press release by the Marine Trades Association of the state said that the Jersey City marina expo is focused on offering affordable boats for customers, and that the Association had also kept the convenience of the exhibitors in mind. The expo was based on the Jersey Shore Boat Sales and Expo model, which had proved to be a highly successful one. The original expo is always held at fall, in First Energy Park. Organizers also said that the expo had something of interest for people of all ages. They had arranged for boats to be sold by the most reputable dealers in the area, while also making it an expanded marketplace for boat owners to shop for all accessories and services. The list of activities also featured seminars on boating and fishing, past times for small-time boaters, and much more.

A Successful Venue, Jersey City Marina

Kersten Roehsler, president of the NJ MTA, said that the venue had been a successful venue for many shows in the past. However, he said, that this event was being organized with an aim to provide an affordable solution for all potential boat buyers, while also making it an entertaining event for everyone who attended it. The association is a non-profit organization, and is committed to providing arrangements and tips for better boating and water activities in New Jersey. Roehsler also said that the expo would bring the latest offerings in the industry to interested people, and can also be considered as a platform for getting all that a boater would need to get out on water this summer season.

The MTA in New Jersey has been in operation since 1972, and comprises of more than three hundred business related to marine activities. The organization works as a unified team to effectively promote and maintain the recreational water activities in marinas and waterways throughout the state. Known largely for promoting the interests of its members as well as the consumers, the Marine Trades Association is all set to make this event one of the most memorable ones in the history of marine related expos in New Jersey.

Jersey City Marina – Expo Details

The venue of the expo is NJ Convention and Exposition Center situated in 97 Sunfield Avenue, Edison. Event timings are 12PM to 8PM on 23rd and 24th February, and from 10AM to 9PM on Saturday, February 25th 2012. The expo will begin at 11AM on Sunday, and will conclude the same day at 5PM. Admission fee per person is $6, and entry for children of or below 16 years of age is free, provided they accompany an adult. Free parking is provided to all guests.