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Jersey City Slip Rentals: An Overview

Aquatic activities are a big part of the New Jersey lifestyle with over half of all residents and visitors to the region situated within 50 miles of the coast. Owing to its particularly close proximity to New York City and New York harbor, Jersey City has become an extremely popular area for commercial, recreational and transient vessels of various shapes and sizes.

Marinas in the Jersey City region are one of the big beneficiaries regarding the popularity of aquatic activities in the region, due to the fact that watercraft, in particular large vessels, must be moored, docked or stored somewhere. Many skippers consequently choose to rent a slip for their vessel at one of the numerous marinas spotted along the Jersey City coastline.

Factors Affecting Jersey City Slip Rental Rates

The price of Jersey City slip rentals at many of the marinas is calculated on a per foot basis. The rates also differ according to whether the rental is annual, seasonal, weekly or transient, as well as whether the rental is ‘in’ or ‘out’ of season. ‘In season’ is generally defined as the rental period May 15th to October 31st, whilst ‘out of season’ is defined as November 1st to May 14th.

Reasons for Renting a Slip

There are many reasons why vessel owners or skippers choose to rent a slip, with these motives normally differing depending upon the utilization of the water craft. Marinas usually receive the following classes of clientele: Recreational, live-aboard and commercial.

Recreational utilization of vessels generally encompasses activities such as skiing, fishing and cruising. These types of watercraft are seen as a growing business regarding Jersey City slip rentals, as many owners of recreational craft over 35 feet have very little alternative but to rent a slip. This is mainly owing to the issue of privately moving and storing such a large watercraft.

Live-aboard clientele in comparison generally rent slips on an annual basis, plainly due to the fact that they also use their vessel as a residence. This can be an issue at some marinas as governmental restrictions sometimes exist regarding the allowance of permanent live-aboard boaters. These restrictions however, normally don’t apply to transient boaters which quickly come and go from marinas.

Commercial vessels in comparison, generally utilize their slip(s) at the marina for business purposes, and as such often require more space, such as office space or staging areas. These businesses are also well known for causing more wear and tear on facilities than recreational patrons. For this reason some marinas don’t allow commercial undertakings within their facility.

It can be noted that Jersey City slip rentals are extremely important regarding the berthing of many different types of water craft. Without these facilities, recreational, live-aboard and commercial vessels would be unable to operate in the area as efficiently as they currently do. It is believed that the development of new marinas, as well as the current renovation of existing facilities, can only make the Jersey City area more attractive to boaters.