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Jersey City Slip Rentals: Why Rent a Slip?

The waterways around the Jersey City area have long been favored by boaters due to their protected coves, advantageous currents and prevailing offshore winds. Recently however the recreational and commercial (mainly tourism) boating industries in the area have begun to rapidly expand, with some researchers citing a 5 percent increase in these sectors in 2007 alone.

Marinas in the Jersey City area are consequently vying for business from these recreational and commercial vessels, which comes mainly in the form of slip rentals. The marina establishments in around Jersey City are quite diverse regarding the amount of slips they have available to rent, ranging from rather small facilities that can house approximately 80 vessels to the largest installation in this region, which can handle 520 vessels.

Many residential and commercial boaters in Jersey City choose to rent slips at marinas, as various studies have shown that some marinas are so in demand that they actually have a waiting list concerning available slips. Why however, do boaters rent a slip at a marina when cheaper options are available in relatively close proximity to the Jersey City region?

The Advantages of Jersey City Slip Rentals

The motivations behind Jersey City slip rentals for many recreational and commercial skippers are the many advantages it can afford them such as: convenience, maritime services, security, and available amenities.

Convenience is one of the major factors for many recreational boaters, as many skippers find that renting a slip in the Jersey City region generally allows them to dock their watercraft in close proximity to their workplace or residence. Commercial establishments in comparison utilize marinas as they usually then also have the option of renting office space or other facilities, and operating their business solely out of the marina.

Maritime services obtainable at marinas are another big benefit for both recreational and commercial vessels owners. Marinas generally offer refueling stations, boat supplies such as repair materials, and many also have dry storage areas to allow for winter storage or boat repairs. This removes much of the annual stress associated with owning a watercraft.

Security is another, often unnoticed advantage of utilizing marina slips, with most marinas being at least gated, allowing access only to those that have a boat docked there. Most marinas in the Jersey City region however, especially those that cater to more ‘elite’ clientele, have more advanced security systems such as specialized gates that respond only to an electric toggle given to patrons.

The amenities offered by marina are the final big draw card regarding Jersey City slip rentals in the area. Most marinas offer bathrooms, toilets, freshwater, telephone and electricity; however some go a little further offering accommodation, internet connection, restaurants and grocery stores. These services are often those most valued by transient boaters in this region.

It can therefore be undoubtedly noted that Jersey City slip rentals are extremely beneficial for both recreational and commercial boaters. The many services that they offer make them an indispensable asset to the region. It is believe that the popularity of marina slip rentals can only continue to increase as the area becomes an ever more popular destination for boaters.