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NYC Boat Storage: Dry Vs. Wet Storage

If you own a boat, how do you choose between dry and wet NYC boat storage? Many marinas offer both options so which one will be best for your boat? Learn about each of them here and how they compare.

Dry Boat Storage

Dry boat storage is typically for long term storage and boats are winterized and stored inside. However, there is another type of dry storage that is more for the short-term. Boats can be removed from the water and stored on racks on dry space. This helps NYC boat storage companies to accommodate more boats in the marina. You would simply have to call the marina before you wanted to come take out your boat and they would have it ready in the water for you to take out.

Wet Boat Storage

Many people with large boats tend to choose wet storage, however, small boats can be stored this way as well. One of the things that makes this an ideal solution for boat-owners is that you do not have to call ahead to have your boat put into the water after being in dry storage. You can simply head over to the marina and take out your boat whenever you want.

How Long Do You Plan on Keeping Your Boat in NYC Boat Storage?

It may be difficult to decide if dry or wet NYC boat storage is better. If you are only going to be storing it for a couple months, then either one will suffice. However, for longer-term storage of your boat you probably should strongly consider dry storage.

Dry or Wet Storage if You Plan on Doing Projects on Your Boat?

You may want to perform some projects or maintenance on your boat and the size of the project will help you to determine what type of NYC boat storage you want to go with. For smaller projects, wet storage will work, but for larger projects you will want to use dry storage so that it is ready when you want to do the project.

Dry or Wet NYC Boat Storage: Which is Better for Your Boat?

Both dry and wet storage can have their advantages and disadvantages. Only you can really decide which is better for your convenience and the type of boat you have. For a larger boat, you may only be able to have it in wet storage. With wet storage, your boat is more exposed to the elements and may be subject to vandalism since it is out in the open. On the other hand, it is available and ready for you whenever you want to take it out. Hopefully the marina you choose is gated with good security to prevent this from happening. With dry storage, your boat can be more shielded from weather and the elements. However, you will have to trust the marina crew that your boat stays protected during each move to dry storage. These are a few of the considerations that need to be made when deciding on the type of storage you will use for your boat.