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NYC Marina Recommends the Boating Essentials You Need to Have This Year

Are you new to boating or just looking for some great tips? The pros at the NYC marina want to recommend to you the boating essentials you will need for your outings this year. Learn more about everything you need to have on your boat this season. Make your boating experience more special by getting these essential supplies for your boat.

The NYC Marina Strongly Suggests Packing Safety Equipment

Personnel at the NYC marina strongly suggest that boaters pack safety equipment for every single outing, even if it is only for a couple hours. Safety always comes first so the safety equipment is absolutely vital.

Lifejackets and Life Ring

Lifejackets are necessary for every person onboard the boat. Have different sizes for adults as well as for children who may be on the boat. A life ring or two is necessary as well. Have it easily accessible in case of emergency situations.

Flashlights, Flares and Smoke Signals

You never know what can happen out on the waters. Be prepared with the items that can help you alert others if and when you need help, especially in the evenings or at night. Do not be left stranded on the waters. These items can be a huge help during emergencies and when things go awry.

Necessary Supplies as Recommended by the NYC Marina

Bottled Water

It is easy to get dehydrated on the boat if it is hot and you do not have enough fluids packed. Drink plenty of water to avoid getting dehydrated during your adventure on the waters.

First Aid Kit

An absolute necessity for any boating adventure is a first aid kit. The experts at the NYC marina know that things can happen when you are out on the water, so be prepared.


Being out on the water all day, especially on the Hudson River, the sun will be reflecting off of the water as well as the buildings. You will need sunscreen and sun protection as much as possible. Do not forget to reapply throughout your outing. Don’t forget to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the bright sun reflecting off the water and surrounding buildings.

Gear for All Types of Weather

If there is a chance that it may rain during your boat trip, be prepared by having all the gear you will need for different types of weather. Keep raincoats, boots, and an umbrella or two on board in case of an unexpected rain shower. In the colder months and even in early Spring and late Fall, have thermals and a heavy coat ready.