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NYC Slip Rental – Boating Marinas and Slip Rentals

Typically, marinas are places where boats are docked and stored, to be kept safe from elements that may harm them. These could either be natural elements or bad weather. However, the functionality of marinas is now not only limited to these functions.

Boating marinas have now become happening places, and offer pleasure and enjoyment to boaters and those who accompany them. NYC marinas now offer a range of services and amenities that can make cruising or sailing more fun than ever. Additionally, marinas are also popular as spots where you can plan a small party with your friends and family.

NYC Slip Rental

An NYC slip rental is very useful if you are looking for a safe place to dock your boat. Boats, expensive as they are, are considered an investment, and proper care must be ensured for the safety of your boat. Slip rentals are very secure, since most marinas nowadays are gated, with guards patrolling the insides of the premises. Some marinas also offer security round-the-clock, and the majority of them employ security cameras for video surveillance.

Marinas are generally privately owned or funded, and therefore charge for their services. Although you may only need to lease a slip for your boat, it is sometimes advantageous to become a member of your local marina. Members of the marina enjoy a host of other services, such as discounted rentals on their slips, exclusive marina parties, on-site mechanics, only to name a few. However, these services depend on the marina you choose.

An NYC slip rental is offered for almost all boats, regardless of their size; to make an ideal choice for your slip, it is a good idea to be aware of the dimensions of your boat. If not, it may happen that the slip you opt for is slightly narrow for your boat. Not only will this increase your difficulties in docking the boat, but will also leave space for potential damage.

NYC Slip Rental – Marina Facilities

Boating marinas now offer various facilities to their members. Restrooms and showers are commonly found on all marinas. Good marinas offer extra facilities such as internet access, telephone and service stores. Fuel services, spas, bar and restaurants are also helpful additions to present day marinas. These can all come in handy if you are planning for a trip on the waters or just relaxing on the boat. Large marinas also provide facilities for the storage of your boat after the boating season is over, along with winterization of your vessel.

Marine services are of particular importance in a marina. When choosing an NYC slip rental, inquire about the services your marina offers for the maintenance and service repairs of your boat. Usually, marinas have a store that keeps small parts and certain common utilities that are required during maintenance. Some marinas forbid the use of outside staff or machines for the purpose of repairs, so go through the rules before you finalize the rental.