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New York City Marina Etiquette and Things to Know

There is good etiquette that you should follow every day, but did you know that there is such thing as marina and boating etiquette? Well there is! Practicing good boating etiquette on the waters as well as on the New York City marina will help you and others have the best experience possible. Whether you are an avid boater or only take your boat out a couple times a year, there is no reason why good boating etiquette should not be practiced. Learn more below.

Helpful Tips for Good New York City Marina Etiquette

Equipment and Supplies

When it comes to the equipment and supplies for your boat, there are a few things you should remember. First, equipment and supplies should not be left on the dock unattended. You should put all of these items away. Your dock lines should be coiled, your power cords organized, and lifejackets and other supplies should be stored away. Be respectful of other boaters who are organizing their equipment on the dock or trying to get equipment into or out of their boats. Also, keep your own boat neat and organized so you are ready the next time you plan to take it out.

Take it Slow When Pulling into the New York City Marina

When you are pulling into the New York City marina, remember to take it slow.

Take Care of What You Need Then Get On Your Way

It is easy to forget that other people are waiting on line behind you. However, if you are getting your boat fueled up, do it and then leave. If you need to unpack your boat then you should do it quickly so others can do the same. Try not to linger at the fuel docks and the launch ramps of the New York City marina to be courteous for other boaters.

Clear the Pathways

In addition to clearing your equipment and supplies from the dock, you should also make sure that none of your power cords or mooring lines are obstacles for others. Also, be cautious of where you tie your boat. Make sure that the anchor and bow pulpit are tied so they are not in the way of people walking in front of your boat.

Follow the Rules

When you are at the marina, whether just visiting for a few weeks or if it's your home marina, know all the rules that have been established. Marinas establish rules for a reason and they should be followed. Quiet hours may have been set into place so that there is a peaceful community. Show respect and know and follow the rules.

Leaving Your Boat at the Marina

When you are ready to pack up and head home, there are a few important things you want to remember. Remember to turn off all of the electronics on your boat, including the television and radio. You will also want to make sure you have turned off all of the lights on your boat, especially spotlights and navigation lights.