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A New York City Marina Talks About Docks Versus Ramps

As a New York City marina on the Jersey City side of the Hudson, we know how expensive the city can be. Sometimes just saving one dollar puts a huge smile on your face around New York City with the high cost of living. Saving money is great, but it is important that when it comes to boating, we know exactly when it is appropriate to take the cheaper route and if we really are taking the cheaper route.

Docks Versus Ramps at a New York City Marina

Many boaters think they can save a lot of money by storing their boats at their home and then using ramps for the day. In some cases they may be right, but in some cases they may be highly mistaken. If you are spending some money each time you use a boat ramp, having to haul your boat to the marina on a trailer, and then having to put your boat in the water, you are using gas and you are using up a lot of time. If you have your boat docked, you can simply park your car and get in with no hassle. If you have room to store your boat at home, you can do that and just pay for your boat to be docked on a monthly basis at most marinas. Of course, if you are only using your boat very rarely, it is not worth the docking fee. It is important to factor in how often you use your boat to the equation. You may be able to save money by docking your boat if you use it enough. More importantly, you may have more of an incentive to get out on your boat if you are docking it, and we all love boating!

How to Save at a New York City Marina

Unfortunately, some of us do not have the space to store boats at our homes. Depending on the New York City marina that you use, you may be able to save money by paying for docking for the month even if you do not use your boat all that often, and every New York City marina has different storage and dockage options. The most important way to save money with boating is to determine how much you use your boat, and what kind of storage you need for your boat. Some people do not wish to dock their boats in the winter and they need dry storage, and some marinas offer different types of dry storage than others. You and your boat have unique needs, and it is important to remember that when you are trying to save money with boating. Another thing to keep in mind is that many of the workers at marinas are people who love boating like you, and if you speak to them and tell them what your circumstances are, they will try to find out the best way for you to join and save money. Sometimes marinas can tailor a package to help you out that you did not otherwise know they had. It is important to weigh your options and evaluation your needs with a New York City marina.