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Dockage Rates at Liberty Harbor Marina

Year Round: (04/15/16 - 04/14/17) 

Plan A: $220.00 per ft.

Summer Wet/Winter Dry
Includes: Haul, Power Wash, Blocking, Storage and Spring Launch

Plan B: $205.00 per ft.

Summer & Winter Wet

Summer ContaracOnly Contract (04/15/16 - 10/14/16)

Wet Storage: $180.00 per ft.
Land Storage: $80.00 per ft. + TAX

Winter Only Contract (10/15/16 - 04/14/17)

Wet Storage: $50.00 per ft.
Land Storage: $60.00 per ft. + TAX

Monthly NYC Boat Storage on Land

$17.16 per ft.

We offer many NYC boat storage options, and one to consider is land storage for one month. The amount gets prorated on a weekly basis for your convenience and to save you money if you are not storing your boat for exactly one month.



Trailer storage for six months. All trailers have to be chained. Please chain your trailer and provide the Liberty Harbor Marina with a copy of the key and copy of the registration.

Haul Outs

One Way

Trailer to Water or Water to Trailer: $7.32 per ft.

Short Haul

Boat is lifted and stays in sling up to 1 hour & launched back to water: $10.00 per ft.

With pressure wash: $3.00 per ft + lift fee.

Long Haul

Haul, pressure wash, block, one week land storage & launch: $17.00 per ft.

Transient Dockage and New York City Transient Slips

We offer New York City transient slips and transient dockage for your convenience. Our transient dockage rates are listed below:

    With Electric 30 amps With Electric 50 amps
Daily $4.19 per ft. + $3.00 + $5.00
Weekly $19.99 per ft. + $20.00 + $30.00
Monthly $55.54 per ft. + $45.00 + $65.00


*All listed rates reflect the payment in Cash/Check discount. For all other methods of payment rates are 4% higher.