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Helpful Steps to Find the Best NYC Marina

The Hudson is a big place for boating and sailing, and trying to find a quality NYC marina that meets your needs can be a difficult and tedious task. If you consider the pros and cons of different marinas in relation to your needs, you can make the right choice, and the steps below can help you in this process.

Learn the Location and Cost of the NYC Marina

Whether you live closer to the New York City side or to the Jersey City side of the Hudson, it is the best practice to look for your NYC marina on both sides. You may live in Manhattan and want to seek out a marina on the east side of the river, but those marinas may not suit your needs or wants. For example, you might consider a marina on the east side of the river because it is an easier commute for you to go to, but the prices may be too high or the security may not be as good. Also, the marina may not have the type of storage options and dockage options you are looking for. The same may hold true for the ones on the west side of the Hudson, and this is why it is important to look at both options. Do not forget that commuting is a factor and if you are only saving a small amount by moving to a NYC marina that is going to be an inefficient commute, then you are not really saving.

Understand the Services of the NYC Marina

One NYC marina may offer all the bells and whistles whereas another may only offer simple dockage. Most marinas will fall in between the former and the latter, but it is important to understand the services and their associated costs so that you can make a good choice. For example, one marina may offer dry, land storage but another may not, one may offer transient slips but another may not, and so on. These factors are very important because you want to go with a marina that can provide what you need and one that you can stick with. Perhaps one of the more important factors is if the NYC marina has a fuel dock. A New York City fuel dock is very important for a boater, and some marinas offer them at discounted rates to their customers. This is definitely something to look into when making the choice, not just for the money savings but also for the sheer convenience

Know Your Property Is Secure

When you consider your NYC marina, make sure that you understand what kind of security they have. Some marinas have cameras, some have patrolling security guards, and some have fenced in yards and so on, whereas others may not have any of these amenities. You are depending on your NYC marina to protect your property. The last thing anyone wants in a marina is to save some money at first and then end up having to pay money later because their boat was broken into or damaged. Avoid the hassle and get peace of mind by going with a marina that has great security. You will save a lot in the long run.