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New York City Transient Slips for Traveling

New York City transient slips are convenient for traveling by boat. When you are traveling on the water, especially for multiple days, you will most likely want to stop at a marina and dock for the night. Even if your boat has many amenities, you may want to enjoy a shower or restroom right next to the dock in one of the New York City transient slips. The transient slips vary from marina to marina but most offer the amenities of showers and restrooms, and many give you a place to work on your boat if it needs repairs or clean your boat if it needs it.

New York City Transient Slips Instead of Hotels

If you are on a boat trip and you have a boat that is equipped to sleep in, there is no point of going to a hotel. New York City transient slips are the obvious choice for a traveler with an equipped boat. The simple luxuries of shower and restroom are really all you need if your boat is equipped to sleep in and is comfortable. Even if your boat has a bathroom and/or shower in it, sometimes it is still nice to stop and get on land for a shower in a more open space. A transient slip is also helpful if you just want a safe place to go for the night, and this is especially helpful in places like the Hudson. The last thing you want to do is anchor right in the Hudson for the night!

Are New York City Transient Slips Available to All?

You might ask if New York City transient slips are easy to rent, whether it is for the night or the week. There is no really great answer for this because some marinas offer them on a first come first serve basis, but many marinas ask you to request a slip in advance. Requesting a slip in advance is much better than winging it and hoping for the best. If you can request a slip in advance, take advantage of that because you will need to know that you have a place to rest when you are ready to stop traveling for the night. If you are traveling with others and are responsible for making arrangements, it is best to have a plan and not be left wondering what you are going to do when a marina is full.

Get peace of mind by planning your trip up the Hudson and requesting New York City transient slips. You will be happy that you made the choice and decided to plan it out when you get to the marina and you can take a shower on land and sleep right in your boat. Hopefully the weather is nice on your trip and you do not have to use the transient slip for repairs or cleaning, but it is a good idea to have them planned just in case.