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Stopping At a NYC Marina for the Day

If you are taking a trip up the Hudson, you might want to stop at a NYC marina for the day so that you can enjoy New York City. Whether you are staying the night in New York City, or just looking to stop for a while and walk around, you will need to find a NYC marina to go to and dock your boat.

Location of the NYC Marina

Heading up the Hudson is exhilarating and there are so many marinas to choose from, how do you make your choice? The simple answer is to look into the marinas before your trip. If you wing it, and simply stop at a random marina when you enter the NYC area, you may not be getting the best possible price. Your best bet is to research the prices at the marinas before you start your trip, find out what amenities and services they offer, and then call to find out if there is available or for a reservation.

Planning Ahead

Different marinas have different prices for different services. One marina may have cheaper dockage for the day than a different marina, but that marina might have more expensive transient slips than the other. The point is, figure out what your plan is before you start your trip and research accordingly. If you want to save money, planning is the best way to do it, and different marinas have different ways of doing things. Also, the marina that might be the best choice for you may be full or may require you to make a reservation in advance. If you can make a reservation, do it, this will save you a tremendous amount of time and keep you stress-free. You do not want to go all the way to New York City and then have to search all over for an opening and have to pay an arm and a leg for it. Rather, you want to know you have a place to dock your boat and enjoy yourself.

Sometimes when you are on a boat trip, you require different things than other times. For example, traveling to New York City for just the day may mean you just need a place to dock your boat for a few hours and get some fuel, but if you are staying over night, you may need to dock your boat for 2 days or get a transient slip. Either way, not every marina can accommodate this, and not every marina will be open to service these needs because some are full. Again, your best bet is to plan ahead and call the marinas. Many marinas also list availability online and allow you to submit a request online. Your best bet is to call and ask them what their procedures and prices are and then go from there. Hopefully it works out for you and you find the NYC marina that you like and that is close to your destination. Have a safe trip!