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The Jersey City Marina: An Overview

The Jersey City region is an extremely popular area regarding recreational and commercial aquatic activities. This is generally due to the fact that it is centrally located between the Hudson River and Upper New York Bay. This region provides access to miles of winding rivers, channels and canals, including ultimately, admission to the Atlantic Ocean. Owing to the great location, and many dock or storage alternatives that the area offers by way of marinas, boatyards and yacht clubs, scores of boating enthusiasts are drawn to the Jersey City marina annually.

The existing marinas in the Jersey City region are however, quite different from one another, ranging from relatively small installations with 85 wet slips, to facilities that boast up to 520 wet slips and the ability to receive vessels of 120 feet in length. These establishments are also diverse; owing the fact that each of the enterprises generally attempts to appeal to a different nature of vessel owner.

Some existing marinas are geared primarily toward long term or short term clientele with a few facilities becoming so popular that potential patrons are placed on waiting lists until dockage at the marina becomes available. Other facilities in comparison rely more upon transient clients. The demand from these different customer groups however, seems to be stable, if not increasing. For this reason new developments are currently being proposed in and around the Jersey City area.

The Jersey City Marina: Long Term, Short Term and Transient Utilization

The demand for long term and seasonal dockage in the Jersey City area is said to stem primarily from residents who are looking for the convenience of having their vessel in close proximity to their residence or workplace. There is also a group of vessel owners that choose to live aboard their vessels. Free parking and easy access to public transport are consequently important regarding facilities catering to this form of clientele.

The transient demand for marina services in comparison is generally due to the fact that many boating enthusiasts undertake voyages along the well known ‘The Great Loop’ or ‘The Circle Route’ which circumnavigates the American east coast. Other transient clients in comparison are only interested in visiting New York harbor. Regardless of their travel purpose, transient vessels are generally interested in utilizing marinas which are in close physical proximity to any historical, cultural or educational facilities that the region can offer.

Transient, long and short term cliental are however, also interested in other factors that marinas may offer such as: protection from the turbulent Hudson River; access to refueling stations, restaurants and markets. The availability of each of these services depends highly upon the marina that the skipper chooses.

It may consequently be noted that the Jersey City marina is a facility which is highly utilized by many different casts of clientele. These facilities are generally varied in their structure with establishments offering numerous differing services. It can only be assumed that the demand for various marina services in areas such as Jersey City will increase, and as a consequence the importance and value of such installations will also increase.