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Top Reasons to Get New York City Transient Slips

If you like to take boat trips that last more than a day, New York City transient slips might be something that you decide to look into. New York City transient slips exist for the purposes of providing a space for you to work on your boat, clean your boat, give you access to private showers and restrooms, and provide a great alternative to a hotel.

New York City Transient Slips Save You Money.

When you get a transient slip, you can stay on land and in the comforts of your boat without having to worry about leaving your boat at a dock and paying for a hotel or motel. Sometimes you may want to take the approach of docking your boat temporarily and staying at a hotel, but if you are planning on merely staying somewhere the night and then heading out on your boat in the morning, why bother? New York City transient slips give you the chance to save money on your trip while being able to get on land and use a regular shower and restroom. Paying for overnight docking fees on top of paying for a hotel or motel and for transportation on land can be very expensive compared to getting a transient slip.

New York City Transient Slips Give You Security.

We all like to think that nobody will try to break into our boats, but the truth is, people try this frequently. Boats are more vulnerable than cars and homes, and people take advantage of that. If you are in a place that is unfamiliar, you may not want to leave your boat at a dock for the night and head for that hotel. You may be better off staying with your boat in a transient slip so that way, you can guard your property. Many marinas have surveillance and security, but some are still lacking and the last thing you want to have happen is a break in during your leisurely boat trip.

Do It Yourself

Sometimes you need to work on your boat in a jam. If you are on a boat trip on the Hudson, and you have not used your boat in a while, you may just need to request a slip to do some maintenance on your boat and ensure it is working properly. It is better to be safe than sorry, and planning on checking the status of your boat during a long trip is important. Also, if you expect you will need maintenance and you are handy, requesting a slip is a great idea since you will have a space to work on your boat.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that you have one of the New York City transient slips waiting for you will give you peace of mind on your trip. The last thing you want is to think you are ready to stop for the night on the Hudson at dusk and get turned away because the marinas are full. You want to know that you can stay somewhere safe and secure for the night, and getting a slip will give you this peace of mind that you deserve.