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Tips from a New York City Fuel Dock for Saving Money on Your Vessel's Fuel this Summer

Have recent discussions on raising gas prices been deterring you from planning your family trips? You are probably more conscious of how often you drive around and considered ways to save on gas money, such as how you can carpool with friends and family members. What about fuel for your vessel? Have you thought about that yet? The hot season for riding around the Hudson River in your vessel is quickly approaching and you may want to start looking around for ways to save money on your fuel for your vessel. Follow some of these tips from a New York City fuel dock to help you save money.

New York City Fuel Dock Tips for Saving Money on Fuel

Plan Appropriately and Keep Accurate Records

One of the most important things you can do when it comes to saving money on your fuel is plan. Planning and keeping the appropriate records will allow you to know how much fuel you are using. Is your vessel performing well? How will you know unless you keep records on it? Keep records on how much fuel you get when you head to the fuel dock, the distance you have traveled, and the hours operating your vessel. Also, record any changes in coolant and exhaust temperatures. Keeping these records will help you to determine where some work needs to be done to your vessel and what might be eating up the fuel.

Reduce the Weight of Your Vessel, According to the New York City Fuel Dock

The more weight that there is on your vessel means that more power is needed to achieve a certain speed. New York City fuel dock personnel recommends reducing the amount of supplies and gear that you keep on your vessel. If you know that you are only going to be on your vessel for a few hours, you may want to remove any unnecessary items that you will not need. Reducing the amount of weight on your vessel will allow your vessel to use less power, which means less fuel consumption.

Proper Steering has an Effect on Your Fuel Consumption

Are you taking the shortest route possible to where you want to go? Since it takes fuel to power your boat through the waters of the Hudson River, New York City fuel dock personnel recommend planning out your route and the best way to get there. Take into account the wind, tide, and currents of the water.

Evaluate Your Vessel

Does your vessel need a new engine or any other new parts? Make sure all of the parts on your vessel are in proper working order and are sufficient and not old or outdated. Having equipment and parts that work properly can help you save money on fuel, according to personnel at the New York City fuel dock.